Red Nomad Reading Pillow Shredded Foam

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  • Perfect for Reading or Watching TV - Make yourself perfectly comfortable with the BEST bed rest pillow in the market - the Red Nomad reading pillow offers cozy support for your lounge time with your beloved hobbies - so comfortable it’s also called the husband pillow!
  • Breathable Cozy Cover - A soft, durable, breathable cover made of cozy velour keeps things cool at the surface so you can enjoy your spare time with almost no interruptions, I mean, Netflix and Chill (pun intended), right?
  • Comfortable Support at the Right Temperature - It’s filled with shapeable clusters of foam for optimal support, and the comfy armrests take care of your back and head. We’ve designed it to allow air to flow between foam pieces for better temperature regulation too.
  • Personalized Comfort - The cushy foam pieces can be patted and fluffed for premium comfort that's customized to your form. This plump pillow is ready to serve you the personalized comfort you deserve!
  • Durable Handle - A reliable and convenient fabric carrying handle on top makes it easy to move it from room to room.
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